Higher education

You’ve got through school or college, and you’ve decided to go to university but how do you decide where to go and what to study. The information on this page is just the beginning of your research. Take a look at some of the links to find out more about going to university.

Tips for deciding what to study and where?

  • visit as many universities as you can; they are all set up differently and you might prefer a campus environment
  • check the course details, and the module details so you are not surprised
  • trust your gut
  • consider how far away
  • Check out accommodation, on and off campus; how much will you be paying in your second year, what is the surrounding area like and is there a decent transport system?

How to fund it?

University is not cheap, but help is available. Take a look at some of the following pages for advice:

Take a year out

You might want to go to university, but want to take a gap year first. Take a look at these sites for more information: