Have you had unprotected sex?

First things first. If you’ve had unprotected sex within the last five days then you can still take emergency contraception. The earlier you take it the more effective it is, so within 12 hours of the sex is best. This will lower your chances of getting pregnant – although it’s not guaranteed.

It sounds incredibly obvious, but if you’ve not had sex then you can’t be pregnant. Even if you’ve had sex, as long as you protected yourself the chances of pregnancy are low. Remember that women’s bodies are complicated and we miss periods for all sorts of reasons. Don’t automatically assume you’re pregnant just because Mother Nature isn’t behaving this month. The stress of worrying about a late period can sometimes delay it further.


Don’t do it alone

Whether you’re desperate to get pregnant or couldn’t think of a bigger nightmare, taking a test is an emotional rollercoaster you shouldn’t have to go through alone. Whether it’s a friend, boyfriend, your GP or a trusted professional, try and talk to someone about how you’re feeling and what you want the result to be.


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