Starting secondary school

Starting secondary school can be pretty scary; all those older kids and the fear of getting lost. But don’t worry too much; everyone is in the same situation and within a few weeks you will make friends, know where you are going, and start to understand what secondary school is all about.

To make your first day go smoothly, why not consider some of these tips:

  • ask your parents/guardian about testing the route you are going to take; find out what bus you need (if you are using one) or how long it will take to walk
  • find out what time you need to be there as secondary schools start earlier than primary schools
  • get a good alarm clock, and make sure you leave enough time for breakfast
  • prepare your school uniform and books the night before – it will save you a lot of time in the morning

If you are going to secondary school here in Bracknell Forest, some of the schools have websites you could take a look at: