Some drugs are legal and some are illegal. The standard advice is ‘just say no’ and for us to avoid the people and situations where drugs are on offer.

This isn’t always realistic though, so it’s best to be informed. If you are choosing to take drugs you need to find out the facts about them first.

So what are the dangers of using drugs?

    • individuals may react differently to any drug - you can never be sure of how a drug will affect or harm you
    • drugs are unpredictable; there is no way of knowing exactly what is in a street drug
    • mixing drugs (including alcohol) is unsafe since the effects of some drugs can be altered. Many drug combinations can be deadly
    • drugs can have a serious effect on physical and/or mental health
    • New Psycoactive Substances often called legal highs, and often made to produce simular effects to ilegal drugs. These are now illegal to produce and supply.

An obvious way to avoid the problems of using drugs is not to use them at all. However, to find out the risks, take a look at www.talktofrank.com

Where to next?

Further advice


  • Childline
  • Release
  • National Drugs Helpline Tel: 0800 776 600
  • CASCADE (counselling and advisory service) Tel: 01753 821789
  • Health Information Service Tel: 0800 665 544

Local advice

For local advice on drugs, you can call Bracknell’s Alcohol and Substance Misuse Youth Workers during office hours:

  • Debbie Coleman 07899063655
  • Bianca Askew-Gallipoli 07825364534
  • New Hope 01344312360